When scrolling through timeline, keep month/year visible

  • I often scroll through the timeline in the side bar, but since the month is in tiny grey font and only displayed at the start of the month, it’s very easy to lose track of what month/year is currently being displayed. Just showing that form the top most day in the sidebar is fine.

  • Hi there!

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Can you confirm for me what platform you use Day One one so I can make sure we’re looking at the right thing? If you’d like to share a screenshot you can use the + icon to add a image block and upload an image to your comment so we can see what you mean by the tiny grey font.

    I’m assuming this is on the iOS app (iPhone), is that correct?


  • Android

    It appears to work correctly on iPad, but not Android. Of course iPad is broken in so many other ways, as per my recent pay in Support :(

  • I see what you mean on my own Android. The month is only shown once in the list of entries, so on months where I write allot, it’s easy to get lost as I scroll. It’s the same on my iPhone as well.

    I’ve let our team know we can improve this visually, making it easier to distinguish which month you’re on as you scroll through all your entries.

    You might find it much more helpful to use our calendar view to find entries. Tap on the calendar icon on the bottom right to scroll though a calendar view. Then you can easily see what month, year and date you want to view, and tap to see your entries.

  • Thanks, appreciated

    Each view have their use cases

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