Video upload – takes long time to render

  • Hi :-)
    When I upload a video to Day One, it uploads fine and then it takes a
    long time to render before it displays to video in the journal.
    It is a 4 min long video.

    Uploaded in iOS app. (latest version)
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  • Hello @madscreutzdk!

    The rendering time of a video in Day One will depend on few factors like your video’s size and resolution in addition to the length of the video. Considering your video is 4 minutes long, it may take some time to render and display in the journal.

    That said, there are some steps you can take to reduce the rendering time of your videos:

    1. Reduce the size and resolution of your video if possible.

    2. Avoid uploading multiple videos or media files at once.

    3. Wait for the video to completely upload before exiting the app or navigating away from the journal.

    If you have tried these steps and your video still takes a long time to render please do send us an example video that is taking exceptionally long and some diagnostics so we can investigate:

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