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  • Hello Everyone,

    I’ve reinstalled the app for the first time in years today, as I’m finally in a space where I’d like to journal consistently. Upon logging in, I’ve discovered 2 existing journals; one created several years back, and one that goes back even further than that, and it’s this oldest one that’s encrypted.

    Obviously, I can’t unlock the encrypted one–I’ve changed devices multiple times over the years, and can’t see that I’ve saved the encryption key anywhere. And that’s fine, I’m happy to forget it, as I doubt it contained many entries.

    Today however, I started a fresh journal, and I’d like to sync this new one and the one created several years back between my current devices–iphone, ipad and mac. I’ve got a Plus account, and for the moment wish to hold off on upgrading to Premium until I can be sure to make journaling a regular habit.

    As a Plus account, I believe I should be able to sync these 2 journals? Let’s call them Journal A and Journal B. At the moment: my iphone has ‘Journal A’ and ‘Journal B’ plus the encrypted one. My ipad has a third, empty journal I’ll call ‘Journal C,’ and my mac has ‘Journal A’ and ‘Journal C.’ All attempts to sync between devices result in an error. The error is as follows: ‘There was an error retrieving your encryption key.’

    If I follow the step ‘Enter Encryption Key’ then ‘Enter from manual backup’ and finally the ‘I don’t have the key’ option it then asks me if I want to hide encrypted journals from this device; I believe this should then allow me to sync non-encrypted journals. I select this and then it returns me to. the ‘Enter encryption key’ settings. But heading back to my journals/home screen, nothing has changed and the journals are still not syncing.

    Apologies for the long post, but I wanted to be thorough as possible. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

  • Apologies, but the issue seems to have resolved itself… sort of. Journals are now syncing, but of course I continue to receive a sync error due to no longer having access to my encryption key. Would the best way to fix this be creating a new account? And would I be able to import my current journal entries to the new account?

  • Hi, @44x86h987y!

    I know you mentioned already checking whether you have your encryption key, but just to cover all our bases here, can you please check the following once more without sharing your encryption key here:

    • iOS: Day One > Settings > Sync > Encryption Key
    • Mac: Day One > Settings > Sync > Advanced > View Encryption Key
    • Android: Day One > Settings > Sync > Encryption Key

    If you’re absolutely sure you don’t have the encryption key, but you can see all of your entries in at least one device, you can get a new encryption with these steps:

    Getting a new encryption key

    The steps above are very involved, so if you get stuck at any point, do let us know. We’ll be right here!

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