Screenshots saved on my device

  • My journal is very private. I took some screenshots of texts, pictures and doodles, saved them to DayOne and deleted them from my photo app. I was searching for something else on my computer, and lo and behold I found all my DayOne Screenshots that anyone can view if they looked. So I thought I deleted them all from the device, but they came back. The only way I could get them off my device was to delete the app from my desktop. Now I only have the app on my iPad and phone. I miss typing on my desktop. How can I prevent the media from saving on my device?

  • Hello there,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. If you browse around in /Users/<username>/Library/Group Containers/5U8NS4GX82.dayoneapp2/Data/Documents, yes, all the data is there on the file system.

    Spotlight shouldn’t be finding them. The Library folder itself is hidden in Finder unless you specifically look for it.

  • The idea of Day One is to write entries on all of your devices and have them in sync. So of course all data and photos get synced to your Mac. But no one is able to see them as long as they are logged in with a different user account.

    Additionally you can protect Day One with a password and then use FaceID or TouchID to open the app. But I don’t know if that will encypt the data on your Mac.

  • File Vault is a great way to encrypt local data on the Mac. I agree with @my747com for using different User Profiles for others that may share the same computer.

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