Many translations are incorrect in Traditional Chinese

  • I really like the Day One app, but there are many mistakes in its localized interface texts. These errors strongly contrast with the elegant UI, ruining the aesthetic appeal.

    Here are some examples of the mistakes:

    • The word “journal” is not translated consistently, some are translated to “日誌” (means diary in Chinese) and some are translated to “期刊” (means series issues/magazine in Chinese)
    • In the export menu, the third menu item shows “純文本/降價”, which means “plain text/discount”, it should display “純文本/Markdown” here.
    • “New window” are translated in “新窗口” and “新窗戶” in different place, the first one is Simplified Chinese term and the second one means the real window object in house. In traditional Chinese, it should be “新視窗”

      There are more translation flaws like this in the app. I really hope that these translated texts can be presented correctly and consistently. If possible, I would like to assist in correcting the Traditional Chinese interface text translation for Day One.
  • Hello there! Thank you so much for bringing these to our attention. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of where you see the incorrect translations?

  • The same problem with the translation to Swedish. Journal is translated to”Tidning”, which means “Magazine”. Should be “Dagbok” instead.

  • Thank you, @folkehsnickars! We will share this with the team.

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