macos logging mindful minutes

  • Something I have really been enjoying recently while using Day One is getting my time writing in my journal entries tracked via the mindful minutes in apple health. I noticed I don’t gain minutes when I am editing later on my macbook/ipad and was curious if there was some way to make all three platforms log minutes just like editing on my iphone. Thanks so much for your time!

  • Hello,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. There currently isn’t a way to record these on Mac. They should be recorded on all iOS devices, though.

    I’d be happy to submit a feature request on your behalf to see if this can be added in the future to Mac.

  • Hi, Thank you for the response! Sending a feature request would be great, thank you so much! I assumed this functionality may not be available on macos since there is no health application, but I just wanted to confirm with you all.

  • I got that requested on your behalf.

  • I’d also greatly appreciate this being added! It’s much more natural for me to write journal entries on a full keyboard, so I almost always use Day One on my laptop or iPad.

  • Hi there!

    That is an excellent suggestion! Thank you for that! I have gone ahead and added this to our feature request list as something to consider for potential future updates to Day One Mac.

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