iPad terribly broken

  • I’m starting to think I made a horrible mistake signing up for a yearly subscription.

    I started my DayOne journey on iPad with 217 entries. Then once the Android app became usable I bought premium and mostly use that now because Android is so much more usable as an OS.

    I’m up to 517 entries on Android and I see those on web and MacOS. However my iPad, despite saying it was synced, has never moved beyond 217 entries.

    I deleted the app, reinstalled, it recognizes my premium account, and synced 17 entries and said done. I liked the app, reopened, hit sync, it got 8 more. More experimenting shows if I kill the iPad app then reopen it will sync between 0 and 8 more entries. Something is clearly very broken.

    Side note, it says premium users get direct access to contact, if I follow the instructions given to get to support on iPad all I get is a browser lost in a maze of FAQs with no way to actually mail anyone.

    Second side note, this forum software is TERRIBLE.

  • Thanks for reaching out! That sounds very frustrating. Is the app on iPad and Mac updated to version 2023.10.1? See here:

    If not, may we have you update to version 2023.10.1 on the App Store and then launch the apps on all devices and let us know if that helps?

  • Yes, I have uninstalled/installed at least 3 times in the last two days to try to fix this. It is getting the latest from the app store.

  • Sorry to hear that.

    Would you mind sending the diagnostics from all devices that have Day One installed?  Please put “Attn: Forum post 407” in the subject line.


    You may receive an automated reply to the diagnostics email. Please reply to the automated reply. Thanks!

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