I lost my entries

  • I had my account signed in before I deleted the app. But when I reinstalled it and logged in, I lost half of my entries.

    what should I do? Why didn’t sync work?

    Will I get my enteries back somehow?

  • if my entries can’t be recovered, please let me know so I can move on! Please!

  • come on atleast tell me something! I am waiting!!! Does day one only provide support to their premium users.

  • Hello! Thank you for your patience! We have had an above average amount of ticket requests at this time.

    We will do our best to help. Can you tell me more about what happened? Responses to the following questions will provide us with some information to best assist you.

    1. When did you first download Day One? 
    2. Without sharing account info with us here, did you sign in to a Day One Sync account in the app settings previously?
    3. Before deleting the app, did you confirm entries were synced by signing in at https://dayone.me/login?

    The following guide has all recovery options possible for Day One journal data. Have you tried any of these options already? https://dayoneapp.com/guides/data-loss-and-recovery-options/

    1. I first download it on 27th December 2022
    2. Doesn’t day one automatically sync entries after we create dayone account.
    3. Also it sync automatically when we go online right.

    and why half of my entries are there and half of them are gone?

  • Thanks for the additional details.

    Doesn’t day one automatically sync entries after we create dayone account.

    After creating an account and signing in to the account in the app settings, data is synced to Day One Sync (while the app is opened). If the account is not signed in, data cannot be uploaded to the server.

    There are also multiple backup options to help avoid data loss. To further troubleshoot this, we will reach out via email. Let us know if you did not receive our email.

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