Feature request: Better tag management

  • Throuout the years, tags have felt like an afterthought in Day One. Please consider:

    • allow renaming of tags
    • improve performance, when changing tags for many entries
    • consider auto-complete suggestions when tagging inline
    • consider nested tagging
    • consider rethinking the entire tagging UX
    • (Bear Notes is a great expample for a wonderful simple yet powerful and performant nested tagging system)
  • I can see how each of those points would help make tags more useful and easier to use meaningfully. I’ve let our team know exactly how you see room for us to grow with our tagging feature.

    You’re not the only one who sees room for improvement on this, and it’s an ongoing conversation for us. Thanks for contributing!

  • “consider rethinking the entire tagging UX”

    This is one of my biggest peeves about DayOne (which I love!). I rely on tags for the work I do and it seems as though having to go to a drop down and enter a submenu to find them is terrible design. They should be available in the top line where the date is and editable.

    Also I’m glad I added IG to my DayOne Journal but would give my eyeteeth to go back in time and have those tags somehow delineated. Thanks

  • Great feedback, @zedphillips! We can add that to our tag request list.

  • Android tagging (because of OS) defaults to lower case at start of the word.’

    IOS tagging defaults to upper case,. Because of this I have two versions of every tag. E.g. vegetables and Vegetables.

    Please enforce tags to be entirely lower case, or at least a way to combine.

  • Oh I can see how that would be troublesome! I’ll let the team know how we can improve. Thanks for taking the time to explain it to us.

  • I really liked your “nested tags” suggestion. I was wanting something like this for a while a few months ago then I ended up just splitting my one main journal into many others. Treating each journal as kind of a “parent tag” if we are still thinking about nesting and the tags within that journal as the “nested tags”. I hope the way I’ve explained this makes sense. This may not be helpful for your specific use case but I thought it was worth sharing.

  • We’ll pass that along.

  • I am not quite seeing how to filter and save tag combinations. I am new to Day One and might just hold off with Apple’s Journal having been announced. Is there a way to filter and see combination of tags on the left. Not seeing how to do this.

    Tagging Guide
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